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By Neil Carson

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Henslowe's 'diary' is a different resource of knowledge concerning the daily operating of the Elizabethan repertory theatre. Philip Henslowe, a theatrical entrepreneur, saved files of his monetary dealings with London businesses and actors from 1592-1604. The diary itself is hard to decipher. Neil Carson's research relies on a way more thorough correlation of Henslowe's entries than has been tried ahead of, breaking down into transparent tabular shape the most goods of source of revenue and expenditure and drawing conclusions in regards to the administration techniques of the corporations, the pro relationships of actors and playwrights and the ways that performs have been written, rehearsed and programmed. past hypothesis has disregarded Henslowe himself as ignorant, disorderly and greedy. Carson exhibits him to were a benign and effective businessman whose keep watch over over the actors' specialist actions was once less broad than has usually been intended.

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At that time, apparently, the landlord prepared to continue his fivecolumn system by making a marginal note 'the xj of octobe be gane my lord admerals &C my lord of penbrokes men to playe at my howsse 1597' (f. 27v). Beneath this entry he inscribed a column of 'tt at's in readiness for recording titles and income. Three plays (Joroneymo, the comody ofvmers and doctor fostes) were entered, but then the entries cease until the end of the month when Henslowe listed six performances ending on 5 November together with the usual five columns of figures.

19v). These articles are almost certainly unredeemed pledges on which Henslowe had lent Watson money on 27 October, 5 and 29 November and 16 December 1595 (ff. 80-80v). The prices he asked were from two to four shillings more than the sum borrowed, amounts which probably represent interest for the three or four months he held the articles. The relatively brief period between the loan and the sale may indicate that the articles had already been in the pawnshop for many months before they were brought to Henslowe.

Nor is it obvious what the figures represent. The left-hand total of £160-15-4 is exactly £40 greater than Henslowe's estimate of the Company's debt on 28 THEATRICAL LANDLORD 28 July, but this may be nothing but coincidence. The corrected total on the right-hand side is the same as the sub-total of income drawn up on 16 December, but again there is no obvious reason why a sub-total should be entered here. The first attempt to draw up a balance occurs on 24 February 1599. On that date Henslowe correctly totalled the sums he had received from the players' half galleries as £247-03-00 (f.

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