50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Fibromyalgia by Wendy Green PDF

By Wendy Green

ISBN-10: 0857657240

ISBN-13: 9780857657244

Fibromyalgia is a debilitating, persistent characterized via common ache, sleep disturbance, fatigue and different indicators. during this available and informative consultant, discover 50 stuff you can do this day to regulate fibromyalgia, resembling exercise to ease discomfort, taking advantage of a balanced nutrition and important supplementations, and discovering worthwhile items and organisations.With a foreword by way of Alice Theadom of the Fibromyalgia organization united kingdom.

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Extreme fatigue – this can range from feeling tired to experiencing flu-like exhaustion. It can come on quickly, leaving sufferers drained of energy. Some sufferers report feeling as though their arms and legs are weighed down by concrete blocks. Sleep disturbances can contribute to the fatigue. Irritability, anxiety and depression – it is not clear whether these symptoms are part of the syndrome, or if they are due to the pain, lack of sleep and fatigue. Cognitive problems (‘fibro-fog’) – these are difficulties with thinking and learning, such as poor concentration and memory, and mixing up words.

Warm water relaxes the muscles, helping to ease pain and stiffness. Also, when you are swimming you have to focus on your breathing, rhythm and stroke, which takes your mind off your worries and encourages you to live in the moment. Swimming in the sea is especially relaxing, because it is another form of ‘green exercise’. When you visit your local public swimming baths, if possible pick times when it isn’t too busy, such as during weekdays or perhaps weekend evenings, to avoid being jostled or interrupted.

Work in short bursts If you have a big task to do, don’t try to complete it all in one go. Instead alternate short bursts of work with short breaks. The length of time you spend working and resting depends on how much activity you can cope with in one go. It’s usually best to err on the side of caution and start with shorter periods than you think you can handle, and rest for at least 15 minutes in between. Monitor how you feel for a couple of days, then tweak the times until you find the right balance.

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